Press Review 5/11/15

Fresh News form the Russian Press


-Russia adds to the talks in progress on Syria                                                 Kommersant’ got a list of the rappresentatives of Syrian opposition that, according to Moscow, should be included in the settling of the civil war. At the end of a week of discussions in Vienna, the head of the foreign ministry of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, gave the list to his colleagues from the USA, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The next step shoud be now to make all the international representatives vote on the candidates and to reach of an an agreement on whom, amongst the participants in the Syrian war must be considered a terrorist. It will not be easy to get to that as it won’t be easy to find an agreement between the Syrian power and the military opposition on the incoming elections under the surveillance of the UN.

-John Kerry invited Moscow and Beijing to join the Transatlantic Partnership.      Leaving from his visit in Kazakhstan, secretary of state John Kerry did a list of important announcement, regarding a cooperation with Moscow. More precisely he assured that the United States are ready to enlarge the cooperation with Russian forces in Siria and proposed to Moscow and Beijing to join the Transatlantic Partnership.

 -Americans intelligence saw the terrorist attack on Board the Airbus A321.        Suspects of a terrorist attack increase after intercepting conversation among terrorists

The causes of the Airbus 231 tragedy remain uncertain (photo Kommersant')

The causes of the Airbus 231 tragedy remain uncertain (photo Kommersant’)

Novaya Gazeta

-Al-Qaeda urged terrorists to join forces against Russia                                                        Al-Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri urged his allies to stop the internal fight and to oppose the West and Russia in relations to the facts happening in Siria and Iraq. The head of the fighters ordered to a cooperation between Al-Qaida and the Islamic State, and this was the first announcement of such a kind, from the Islamic State leader.

Crimea, the hole in your wallet. Crimean authorities found a new appetite for budget donations                                                                                                                  Comparing the 2013 budget, when Crimea was part of Ukraine, with the 2015 budget, when the process of integration of Crimea with Russia has been completed, it is possible to reach one important conclusion: the level of funds has increased sharply even if taxes did not increase

-“Ukraine betrayed us”

People from Sevastopol marching on the 4th November explain to our correspondent why did they change passport one and half year ago.

People Marching in Sevastopol, Crimea, yesterday. (Novaya Gazeta)

People Marching in Sevastopol, Crimea, yesterday. (photo Novaya Gazeta)

Rossijskaya Gazeta

-Central Bank diminished the value of Euro of one and a half Rouble                                The value of the Euro diminished of 1,55 rouble- now its 68,82 Roubles and the dollar lost value for 45,3 Kopecks- now its 63,39 Roubles

-Putin is ranked the most influential leader on earth for the third time                           In the Kremlin people were not surprised that Putin leads the list of most popular influential people, as reported by Forbes.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin


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